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Content marketing creates signals across the web that build credibility and authority with your audience. In addition to the many SEO benefits of content marketing, it can be used as a means to connect on a level with your customers that other digital marketing can’t.

What is content exactly? Content is blogs, infographics, videos, emails, ebooks, social media updates, and the text on your website.Produce High Quality Content Marketing Offers that Speak to Your Buyers.Content marketing without a strategy is like walking with your eyes closed. Digitaldata technologies learns your business, your target audience and your marketing goals, builds a digital content channel strategy tailored to your brand, then puts it to work delivering results.

content is king and the content that matters is anything that is public and shareable. This includes blogs, whitepapers and articles, videos and podcasts, webpage content, press releases, presentations and more.Traditional marketing techniques are being trumped by content marketing strategies.

An average person spends 8 seconds on a billboard and 30 seconds on a TV or radio advertisement. Whether you’re looking to increase sales, boost your brand awareness, retain existing business, or engage new customers, content marketing is a proven strategy to fulfill any of those goals. Content marketing development takes discipline and commitment, and we help you every step of the way. First, we’ll partner with you to understand what makes your company unique.


Social media marketing services

blogPeople are often introduced to your business’ website through social media.The goal of SMM is to produce content that users will share with their social network to help a company increase brand exposure and broaden customer reach. 72% of marketers say social content has helped them close deals. Your customers use social media, and you need to be there – interacting with them – to influence their purchase decisions. Through our social media audit, competitive analysis, and custom-built interactive strategies, we’ll teach you how to take advantage of the social web and how to successfully drive visitors to your site.

Social media marketing done right is an integrated approach that includes core digital marketing components such as:

Forget about likes. Focus on metrics that matter to your bottom line. We use social to generate leads that fuel your sales pipeline.Most agencies think that doing a one-off sponsorship on Facebook or posting videos to a branded channel on YouTube is Social Media Marketing.The digital data technology is growing.

Social media is dominating a massive chunk of the digital space. Given the speed at which new media platforms are mushrooming and proliferating, companies need to figure out their strategy for engaging consumers across these multiple social media websites.



Performance marketing services

service-feasibility-img-500x300Digital data technologies pioneered performance marketing. And now, we’re reinventing it. Our full-service performance suite is built upon a foundation of intent—understanding how consumers decide—across all paid, owned and earned media touchpoints.

PM is a full-service agency, which basically means, “Yeah, we do that.” But we don’t do anything without a purpose. Whether it’s branding, interactive, public relations or creative, every how starts with asking why.

We work with advertisers who are looking to acquire leads, sales, or mobile application installs whilst rewarding publishers (or ‘affiliates’) for their referral activity.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our advertiser and publisher partnerships that thrive due to our obsessive support and industry-leading technology.

As one of the most trusted sources of Digital marketing industry news and analysis, Ethical Performance is read by industry opinion formers and decision makers across the world.

We offer a range of marketing options to reach our audience of digital data technologies , sustainability and SRI professionals. The full range of products and services offered are listed below. Click a button to find out more.



Email Marketing services

why_Send Emails Your Audience will Love
Create lasting connections with your audience with powerful, personalized emails. Prove the value of every campaign you send, and deploy winning emails, even when time is short and resources are limited. Better email marketing is just plain easy with Act-On.

Use it to help you make an informed decision when deciding on an email newsletter provider for yourself or your company. If you click on a company name in the header (or footer), you will be taken to an in-depth review of that email marketing service provider on the main article page.

You know that building and maintaining meaningful connections with your customers is vital to boosting revenues and substantially growing your business.Email Marketing is an effective way to remain in contact with and deliver promotional messages to your organization’s target audience.We’ll work with you to improve your email and digital marketing results. You’ll get the best from your campaigns without being tied into a long contract, because your success is our success.

Email has evolved into a precision marketing tool that reaches the right people at the right time with highly targeted and relevant messaging.Make the most of your list of subscribers through an optimized email marketing strategy.



Enhancing the ROI of Email Marketing

digital-contentRegardless of your company’s objectives, there are many reasons to use email as a primary marketing channel. A key point to consider is that email marketing is the most cost-effective and quantifiable way to market your company’s products and services, allowing you to send personalised, precisely-targeted messages than other mediums.

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